Will Kim Cattrall Cameo on Emily in Paris? Lily Collins Says…

“If we ever went somewhere else, I think keeping it going in different countries is really fun,” Lily told E! News, adding, “I think there’s so many opportunities here to honestly splash out in so many different ways.”

And when it comes to which places the show’s stars would like to visit next, Lily revealed, “I’d say Denmark or Japan.”

“I’d say Korea,” Ashley continued, “Just because I’ve never been to Korea and I need to go.”

Staying within Europe, co-star Camille Razat shared her pick, saying, “Italy because it’s nice.”

Hear more from the Emily in Paris cast on E! News tonight at 11:30 p.m. on E!.

Season three of Emily in Paris premieres Wednesday, Dec. 21, on Netflix.

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