Why Melissa Joan Hart Doesn’t Think a Sabrina Reboot Would Work

Not even Sabrina could cast a spell this good. 

Sabrina the Teenage Witch star Melissa Joan Hart put down her wand for good when the beloved sitcom ended after seven seasons in 2003—and she’s not exactly eager to cook up another brew for a potential reboot.

“I just don’t think it would be as great as the original,” Melissa exclusively told E! News at ChristmasCon Dec. 10. “I just don’t think there’s any way. People are nostalgic for what they had. Trying to recreate that can be really difficult, as we’ve seen.”

While it’s certainly true that not every reboot or spinoff is equally successful, Melissa did remind us that a Sabrina re-imagining has “already been done with Netflix” in the form of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which starred Kiernan Shipka as the titular teenage witch and ran for two seasons on Netflix from 2018 to 2020. 

Melissa insisted that she “always likes to move forward,” but that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t heard Sabrina fans clamoring for more witchy goodness over the years—especially when it comes to Harvey (Nate Richert), who Sabrina ran off with at the end of the series.

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