White Lotus’s Haley Lu Richardson FaceTimes With Nick Jonas

Haley Lu Richardson is still a sucker for the Jonas Brothers.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the White Lotus star reflected on being a massive fan of the band, admitting that during a 2007 meet and greet she even tried to bring a gift to her favorite brother, Nick Jonas. (The present, a tie, was confiscated by security.)

But in addition to sharing a snap of Haley, 27, from the meet and greet, host James Corden had another surprise for the actress: a FaceTime call with Nick himself.

“Nick, can I tell you something?” Haley told the singer, after panicking and uttering several shocked expletives. “You were a huge part of my childhood and therefore life forever. All of my Converse I had in grade school and middle school have your name on them.”

She then explained what the band, which also consists of Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas, continues to mean to her as an adult.

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