What Was Max Moliken Cause Of Death? Collegeville Member Dies At 21

There is a piece of shocking news that is coming forward related to the sudden death of a 21-year-old boy named Max Harris Moliken, who is also known as a beloved member of the Collegeville, Pennsylvania community. He passed away in a tragic accident and his death news broke the heart of his family and his friends. This dangerous incident happened on Tuesday 13 December 2022 at around 4:00 pm. This accident was taken place at the Second Avenue and Park Moliken of Collegeville near the intersections. This sad news is running on the top of the internet and there are many users of social media sharing their responses for him on the internet. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the death news and share the cause of his death.

What Was Max Moliken Cause Of Death Collegeville Member Dies

What Was Max Moliken Cause Of Death?

As per the reports, This sad accident occurred on Tuesday at the intersection of Second Avenue and Park Avenue, Collegeville Borough on 13 December at around 4:00 pm. After his accident, he was immediately transferred to a University Hospital in Philadelphia for treatment by the investigators who reached the incident place while he was suffering from too many injuries. After giving various medical attention and treatment doctors can’t save his life and doctors announced his death on 14 December 2022 at around 8:59 pm. The driver of the Nissan Rogue also got some injuries but did not die in this accident help in this investigation.

Who Was Max Moliken?

He was born on 10 March 2001 and he was most loved by his family member in the Collegeville, Pennsylvania community. He completed his education at a reputed university and he was one of his family who is most liked by them and his friends also share their responses to his death. His family members made obituaries for those who want to give their respects to him. The family members request that all visitors come with pure hearts rather than flowers or other things of sympathy at his funeral which will be done on 21 December 2022 at the Moore, Snear & Ruggiero Funeral Home.

There are too many people sharing their love for him and grief for his death and social media is flooded with tributes for him. There are too many people who express their sorrow by commenting on Twitter. There is various death news coming forward related to an accident but mostly car accidents happened due to drinking and driving. For reading more articles related to the latest news and on other topics then stay tuned with our website.

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