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A former prisoner who was sentenced to death by Russian forces has detailed his horrifying experience in captivity.

Aiden Aslin, who was finally released in September, is a dual-citizen of both the UK and Ukraine and had been fighting as a Ukrainian Marine in Mariupol during the war.

The British-born fighter was captured by Russian forces in April, before being sentenced to death by the pro-Russian authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Speaking to the Telegraph this week, Mr Aslin spoke about how he had been beaten unconscious, stabbed, threatened with execution, and witnessed the killing of another prisoner during his captivity.

Mr Aislin, who is now living in Nottinghamshire, described how he was stationed on the front line with the Russian-controlled Donetsk People’s Republic when the war broke out in February.

He said: “We could hear the whole front line was alive, just heavy artillery everywhere. Heavy fighting, you could just hear it, it was like something out of those films about World War One.”

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