Tiffany Franco is “Going Steady” with Dan After Ditching Ronald

Even though Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith’s divorce process is not yet over, this 90 Day: The Single Life MILF is moving on.

Ronald moved on first, landing a new girlfriend. A girlfriend whom he apparently misled about at least one reconciliation attempt with Tiffany.

Fortunately, the days of trying to make their toxic marriage work are over.

Tiffany has a new man. And she is excited to introduce him to the world!

90 Day: The Single Life viewers first got a glimpse of Daniel MacFarland Jr. this season.

He also spoke at the Tell All, praising Tiffany and affirming that they were together.

The Tell All filmed in September. If anything, the two have only grown closer since then.

Using some comically old-timey language, Tiffany Franco told In Touch Weekly that she and Dan are “going steady.”

She gushed: “We see each other [two] or three days a week.”

“And,” Tiffany continued, “we are taking it slow.”

“We really like each other,” Tiffany affirmed.

“I’m waiting for him to pop the question (the ‘Will you be my [girlfriend]’ question, of course!),” she shared.

Tiffany then characterized: “He’s been slowly but surely convincing me to put the walls I’ve put up, down.”

“And,” Tiffany expressed, “it feels so peaceful and soft and healthy.”

She praised: “He’s such a kind soul.”

“And,” Tiffany continued, “I feel very lucky.”

Tiffany Franco red blouse weight loss header pic

“It feels like coming up for air after drowning for so long,” Tiffany colorfully but accurately illustrated.

“I am learning now how I should have been treated all along,” she affirmed.

We have all witnessed with horror and disgust the rampant disrespect that Ronald showed towards Tiffany. And that was merely his on-screen behavior.

Ronald was deeply toxic.

But he was also a father to Tiffany’s son, Daniel, who is now 12. And he and Tiffany had Carley together.

Even after going on a wonderful date with Dan, when they both made good impressions, she tried giving things another shot with Ronald.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way alum Ronald Smith thought that he was really being slick by posting a “throwback” pic of himself with Tiffany Franco on Instagram.

So, she and Carley spent four months in South Africa. Just days into the visit, Tiffany learned that Ronald had not broken up with his girlfriend.

In fact, she shared on the Tell All special that Ronald had instead told the girlfriend that Tiffany was staying with his mom. That she was only in town to bring Carley to visit.

Tiffany told Dan that she would be traveling to South Africa. On camera, we saw and heard her being totally transparent. She was giving things with Ronald another shot.

Fortunately — and we say “fortunately” because she deserves better than how Ronald treated her — things did not work out. She returned home, and she and Dan hit the ground running, so to speak.

We are so happy for her and for Dan. And it is encouraging to hear that they are taking things slowly. You want to be careful before committing to someone when you have kids. Especially if one of them shares a first name with your new man. Awkward!

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