Shanna Moakler: How Could I Look Like Khloe? SHE Doesn’t Look Like Khloe!

It is no secret that Shanna Moakler isn’t a fan of the Kardashians.

We don’t know whether this was the case before Travis Barker began dating Kourtney. Shanna would likely say that it was.

Travis’ ex recently posted something of a thirst trap. Multiple commenters immediately compared her to Khloe.

Maybe they were being shady, maybe they were being sincere. Either way, Shanna didn’t care for it one bit.

Shanna Moakler is a MILF. No one could reasonably question that.

She shared this photo of herself wearing vibrant yellow lingerie not only to flaunt her gorgeous body, but to share a fitness update.

Believe it or not, Shanna hopes to lose ten more pounds (from where?) after this. We hope that she is being careful and making healthy choices; substantial weight loss can have lasting ill effects.

Shanna Moakler in a Floral Blouse

But as gorgeous as Shanna’s body is, we’re actually a little more taken aback by the comments.

One commenter — possibly shadily, given the emoji that they employed — wrote “Literally thought that was Khloe Kardashian!”

There are many contexts where this would be the highest of compliments. But this does not appear to be one of them.

Shanna clapped back, not only at the commenter but at Khloe — who did not involve herself in the thread.

“Khloe doesn’t even look like Khloe!” Shanna wrote.

“What are you people smoking?” she asked, punctuating her question with an “LOL.”

Shanna Moakler in a Denim Jacket

“I’m constantly told I look like her,” Shanna admitted in a follow-up comment.

“I braid my hair, I look like her — I don’t,” she affirmed.

Shanna wrote: “I’ve stated numerous times I think her transition has been beautiful.”

“I stated a fact she looks much different now than prior to her work,” Shanna noted. “Which is a fact.”

She continued: “I’ve spoken candidly about MY own procedures.”

She asked fans to “Please keep it moving. I’m a grown ass woman and can speak candidly on MY page.”

Shanna Moakler for Celebrity Big Brother
This is a still of Shanna Moakler on Celebrity Big Brother Season 3, airing on CBS in February 2022.

Shanna is, at least ostensibly, referring to Khloe’s famous “revenge body.”

After cruel body-shaming after her rise to fame, Khloe radically transformed her look and her body.

Unfortunately, years of vicious mockery clearly exacted a lasting toll. No matter her transformation, Khloe seems to struggle to like her appearance.

Khloe has too many photoshop and similar editing scandals to count.

We are not exaggerating when we say that politicians have used her as an example when proposing laws regarding disclosing edited photos on social media (given the impact that influencers have on young, impressionable followers).

Even now, Khloe’s ongoing struggles to love her appearance have extended beyond photos. Here is how she looked at a party earlier this year:

This summer, Khloe appeared to be at risk of being the thinnest of the original Kardashian sisters.

We certainly hope that she is being healthy. Though, at times, it is difficult to imagine how this extreme metamorphosis could be.

But the transformation to which Shanna alludes is real. And, shady or not, she’s right — not even Khloe looks like Khloe.

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