Mystery as ‘UFO’ hovers in sky before disappearing leaving people baffled

A MYSTERIOUS floating object which appeared to fly through the sky for several minutes has left onlookers baffled.

The bright moving light was spotted hovering across several districts of West Bengal, India on Thursday evening by puzzled residents.

Locals spotted the bizarre object on Thursday evening


Locals spotted the bizarre object on Thursday evening
Some residents claimed the luminous object was a UFO


Some residents claimed the luminous object was a UFO

Extraordinary footage showed the luminous object in the night sky in several clips shared on Twitter.

Some local UFO enthusiasts claimed the sight was of an alien ship, while others reckoned it was a satellite.

“It is very close,” one resident remarked.

“Doesn’t it look like a UFO. The light has vanished”.

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Initially, officials were just as stunned as civilians and launched an investigation into the mystery object.

The light trails are now suspected to be the result of rocket testing from the nearby Bay of Begal.

India TV report the object was likely an InterContinental ballistic missile – known as an Agni-5 -which is capable of speeds of up to 3100mph.

The outlet noted that the Indian military last tested an Agni-5  back in October 2021.

It’s not the first time that locals have been spooked by bizarre shapes in the night sky.

Previously a fireball spotted in the sky above India left witnesses speculating the object was a UFO or an out of control rocket hurtling to earth.

The object was seen moving in the night skies of the Kishtwar district of the Jammu region of the territory of Jammu and Kashmir – prompting several reactions online.

“Was it a low earth-orbiting satellite, aliens, the drone or the out-of-control gigantic Chinese rocket?” said one local.

“We were spooked on seeing it. It appeared to be full of flames,” said another.

“It appeared to be more of a UFO,” penned a third.

While a fourth added: “It does not look as an unmanned aerial vehicle or even a drone.”

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