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Mister Poll: Make Your Own FREE Online Polls was originally created way back in 1998. At the time, it was a novel and easy way for people to create and share polls of all varieties. Since then, hundreds of thousands of polls and surveys have been created and shared across the Internet.

But, having been created in the nineties, the site was well due for an overhaul. So we’ve relaunched as ThePollsters.com. And with this update, not only can you easily create and share polls, but you can find helpful information on polls, surveys, statistics, helpful articles, and resources, and participate in The Pollsters Forum. 

Similarly, ThePollsters.com used to be the companion website to The Pollsters Podcast by the bi-partisan team of Democrat Margie Omero and Republican Kristen Soltis Anderson.. That podcast hasn’t been produced in a while but you can listen to the old episodes here.

Make A Poll

Polls are simple tools to measure people’s opinions on a topic. ThePollsters allows users to easily create and share polls. To create a poll, click the green Make A Poll button. If you haven’t created an account, you will be prompted to do so. It’s easy and will take only a moment.

When crafting your poll, the question should be in the title. You can also elaborate on it in the post body.

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