Minnesota Vikings Stage Greatest Comeback In NFL History, Win After Digging 33-0 Hole – Deadline – Rip News

If you took the Indianapolis Colts and the 3.5 point spread, you had to be feeling pretty good at halftime, being up 33-0.

Unfortunately for Colts fans, there’s also a second half in games. That’s when the Minnesota Vikings awoke and clinched the NFC North title Saturday, storming back to victory with the biggest comeback in NFL history.

The Vikings scored 14 points in the third quarter, then 22 in the fourth to tie the game after a Colts field goal. The game then went to overtime, and the Vikings pulled it out with a field goal, winning 39-36. Yes, the Colts beat the spread. But they made you sweat.

The 33-point comeback exceeded the previous record of 32, set by the Buffalo Bills in the 1992 playoffs against the Houston Oilers. The win means the Vikings not only won the NFC North, but they held on to the NFC’s No. 2 playoff seed, still one game ahead of the San Francisco 49ers. That’s a key to home-field advantage in the playoffs.

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