Kody Brown: Christine Manipulated Me and Messed with Me During Our Marriage!

In the first sneak peek at this Sunday’s Sister Wives tell-all special, viewers were stunned to see Janelle Brown make a revealing admission:

She is now separated from Kody.

This is the main development on which most fans have been focused, of course.

But Us Weekly has released a new sneak peek and it takes us back the many problems Kody claimed to have had with a different ex-spouse.

“Initially, my issue was, I thought Christine was playing a game,” Kody tells host Sukanya Krishnan in this clip of the woman who left him last year.

Kody then says he was therefore “ambivalent” about Christine, almost from the outset of their relationship.

From there, Kody recalls an unexpected moment (in our view, at least) when he alleged Christine WENT OFF on him following his attempt to mend his serious issues with Meri Brown.

“Some of the games that were happening, were things like when we moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, I was trying to reconcile with Meri,” Kody, dropping this bombshell for the first time.

“Meri gave me this really cool birthday present and I’m in this place, telling Janelle, Christine and Robyn that I might reconcile with Meri.”

Kody actually wanted to get back together in a romantic sense with Meri is truly a shock.

These spouses haven’t slept together in a decade and Kody has said over and over — and over again! — that he’s completely over this quasi partner.

According to Kody, Christine “lost her s—t” and later lashed out at a group function upon learning Kody was considering a fresh start with Meri.

“She comes to a family party [that day] and leaves yelling to one of the kids that she was in a loveless marriage,” Kody says on the special. “This is two years before she kicks me out.”

The polygamist — who shares son Paedon, 24, and daughters Aspyn, 27, Mykelti, 26, Gwendlyn, 21, Ysabel, 19, and Truely, 12, with his ex — says Christine was upset that he was “trying to reconcile with Meri.”

He also claims that “there’s something wrong in the relationship between Meri and Christine.”

For her part, in TLC’s initial preview of this special, Christine denies that this outburst ever took place.

Kody, meanwhile, tells Krishnan that he hates how Christine was always “comparing” Kody’s four relationships with one another, labeling this as an unfair thing to do.

Meri, however, states that Kody was absolutely doing this at all times.

And it ruined all of his spiritual unions.

“I thought that was really not cool [of Kody to compare us],” the 51-year confesses in the upcoming tell-all special.

“I totally get Christine’s reaction. No husband should ever, ever, ever compare one wife to the other.”

Part one of Sister Wives: One-on-One special airs on TLC Sunday, December 18, at 10/9c.

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