Harry Takes Aim at William in New Episodes of Netflix Documentary

At a minimum, it suggests that a very public walkabout by the two couples in the days before the queen’s funeral, which drew lavish attention in the media, was something less than a true rapprochement.

Beyond the rift between the brothers, the film digs into the seething rivalries between the family’s royal offices, where public-relations spinners competed to present their bosses — whether Harry, William, or Charles — in the best possible light, sometimes, Harry said, dishing dirt to the tabloids on other royals.

There are telling omissions. Charles, who ascended to the throne after the queen’s death in September, features little in the film, aside from Meghan’s fond recollection of how he agreed to walk her down the aisle at her wedding at Windsor Castle, after her own estranged father, Thomas Markle, did not attend.

The film also touches only glancingly on allegations that Meghan bullied members of her own staff when she was still at Kensington Palace. Those accusations were investigated by Buckingham Palace, after being reported by the couple’s communications secretary at the time, Jason Knauf, to the private secretary of William.

A spokeswoman for the couple dismissed the allegations at the time as another attempt to smear Meghan’s reputation.

Mr. Knauf, who stayed on at the palace to work for William after Harry and Meghan left, had a cameo appearance later when the couple suggested that William authorized him to hand over incriminating emails and texts from Meghan to the court in the case she was bringing against the publisher of the Mail on Sunday.

In a statement shown on-screen, Mr. Knauf denied the claim. He said he stayed neutral in the lawsuit and had been asked to “provide evidence by both the Duchess of Sussex and Associated Newspapers,” the Mail’s publisher. Lawyers for Meghan rejected that and argued he could not have been neutral while working for William.

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