Dax Shepard Roasts Tabloid Referring to Him, Ben Affleck & Keith Urban as ‘Hollywood’s Most Henpecked Husbands’

Dax Shepard put a tabloid on blast after it referred to him, Ben Affleck and Keith Urban as “Hollywood’s most henpecked husbands” on its front cover.

The 47-year-old Armchair Expert podcast host shared a photo of Star Magazine‘s cover on social media.

It claimed that Kristen Bell “banned” him from seeing friends, Jennifer Lopez treated Ben “like an assistant” and Nicole Kidman demanded Keith call home by a certain hour.

His reaction to the wild story is a must-see.

Click inside to read Dax Shepard’s reaction to being called one of “Hollywood’s Most Henpecked Husbands”…

“So excited and proud to share that I am apparently starring in a film called ‘Henpecked’ with Ben Afflec[sic] and Keith Urban,” Dax wrote on Instagram. “Have not read the script yet, but apparently it’s already been shot. It appears I play ‘No Friends Guy,’ who is clearly second banana to Ben’s character ‘Assistant.’ Keith’s character ‘In By 10′ is potentially the hardest role in the film to play. He, like me, probably WANTS to be in by 10, but the fact that he’s been told he can’t stay out later makes him reflexively want to stay out until 11. This contradiction is fertile ground for a talented thespian. Can’t wait to see it!!!!”

Dax and Kristen frequently speak about their relationship and their family. In October, they revealed that they initially only wanted one child but changed their mind. They’ve also spoken extensively about their daughters’ sleeping arrangements.

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