Complete timeline of Sukesh Chandrasekhar Rs 200 cr scam case involving Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi

August 2021: Sukesh Chandrasekhar was arrested last year in August for carrying out a con of Rs. 200 cr while being in Delhi jail. He had apparently conned the wife of former Fortis Healthcare promoter Shivinder Mohan Singh who was also in jail on money laundering charges. Sukesh had promised Aditi to get her husband out on bail in return for cash. Aditi Singh was not the only person he had conned, he had duped multiple people over the years by pretending to be connected to a political leader or someone in the government. He even spoofed Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s office number to get in touch with Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez.

How did Jacqueline Fernandez come in the picture?

December 2020: Sukesh Chandrasekhar started his efforts to get in touch with Jacqueline Fernandez through the accused Pinky Irani in December 2020. Pinky Irani met Sukesh on Instagram in 2016. Pinky is well-connected to the entertainment industry and contacted actresses and models on Sukesh’s behalf. 

January 2021: Pinky got in touch with Jacqueline’s makeup-artist Shaan and by end of January 2021, Sukesh finally got in touch with Jacqueline. 

February 2021: It was now that Sukesh started sending gifts to the actress including Tiffany diamond ring with J&S engraved on it as Valentine’s gift. It was after this that the Bachchan Paandey actress was made aware of the truth about Sukesh and learning this she stopped talking to him.

Pinky Irani later gave an explanation to Jacqueline about how Sukesh is being framed by the media and that he is a political bureaucrat. On buying this explanation, the actress re-established her contact with the conman through video calls. Between February to August 2021, Sukesh showered the actress and her family with gifts in cash in India and abroad.

June 2021: Later, Jacqueline and Sukesh even met in person in Chennai. The name of Advaita Kala, writer of Kahaani came into the picture at this time. It was found during ED interrogation that Jacqueline has asked her to write a web series for herself at the behest of Sukesh. For this script or story, a packet of Rs 15 lakh was also delivered by Sukesh to scriptwriter Advaita Kala through Jacqueline at his Gurugram flat. Right after this, Sukesh was arrested.

August 2021: On learning about Sukesh’s arrest, Jacqueline Fernandez reportedly deleted her mobile data and also asked others to do so. By mid-august, Sukesh and his wife Leena’s luxurious cars and beach bungalows were seized in Chennai. Around August 18, Advaita Kala confessed and even gave evidence on funds she received from Jacqueline to ED which was later denied by the actress when she was summoned for the first time by the ED. 

September 2021: Jacqueline was once again summoned by the ED and her name emerged as one of the possible conned victim by Sukesh. 

October 2021: ED took custody of Sukesh and his gang members and it was then that he disclosed his relationship with Jacqueline. After this, Jacqueline was summoned yet again and was confronted by Sukesh. In fact, her makeup-artist Shaan also was summoned by the ED who revealed the relationship of Pinky Irani, Sukesh, and Jacqueline.

November 2021: Jacqueline and Sukesh’s intimate pictures went viral on social media giving rise to several speculations about their relationship. It was then that the actress posted a note on her Instagram handle asking for privacy from media and fans.

December 2021: The third statement of the actress was recorded by the ED. 

April 2022: During her fourth summon to the ED office, the actress admitted to having searched for Sukesh on Google and getting to know of his criminal records. 

June 2022: During the fifth interrogation, the actress further opened up about the property which Sukesh bought for her in Sri Lanka. The ED attached assets worth Rs 7.27 crore belonging to Jacqueline in the money laundering case. The attached assets included a fixed deposit worth Rs 7.12 crore under the Ram Setu actress’ name.

Jacqueline Fernandez named accused

August 2022: ED filed a supplementary charge sheet and named Jacqueline Fernandez accused in the extortion case against conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar. Later a Delhi court summoned Jacqueline Fernandez in the case and asked the actress to appear before the court on September 26, 2022.  

September 2022: Jacqueline was summoned by the Delhi Police thrice. Earlier the Delhi Police postponed her questioning which was scheduled for September 12 due to the prior commitments of the actress cited by her but later police rejected her request and asked her to join the investigation on September 14.

Jacqueline Fernandez granted bail

November 2022: Jacqueline was granted bail by Delhi’s Patiala court and was asked to sign a bail bond of Rs 2 lakh. Delhi court has now adjourned the hearing in this case for December 20 after being told by the counsel appearing for Fernandez that she is yet to receive complete copies of the charge sheet and other documents from the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

Nora Fatehi files defamation case

December 2022: In Nora Fatehi’s plea, as reported by other portals, “Jacqueline Fernandes sought to criminally defame the complainant in order to destroy her career to further her own interests, since they are both working in the same industry and have similar backgrounds, amongst other reasons.” The defamatory case against Jacqueline is filed over the latter’s written pleading before the court. She submitted that “she was being falsely implicated by the ED while celebs such as Nora Fatehi who had also received gifts from conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar had been made witnesses.”

Jacqueline Fernandez’s lawyer responds to Nora Fatehi’s claims

According to reports in Times Of India, Jacqueline Fernandez’s lawyer Prashant Patil revealed that the actress has never spoken ill about Nora Fatehi on any public or private platform. He avoided talking about the Enforcement Directorate proceedings. Prashant also added that he has not received any defamation suit copy from Nora and if they do they will respond to it legally.


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