Who was Nasser Abu Hamid? How did the Palestinian prisoner die in the Israeli prison? Cause of death explained

Nasser Abu Hamid, a Palestinian detainee died in Israel prison, as per the Commission of Prisoners Undertakings. We should see who was Nasser Abu Hamid, how did the Palestinian detainee die in the Israeli jail, and his reason for death exhaustively.

Who was Nasser Abu Hamid? Nasser Abu Hamid, a 51-year-old Palestinian malignant growth patient who was detained in Israel, died there after an extended disease because of clinical carelessness, as per the Commission of Prisoners Undertakings. Nasser Abu Hamid was an establishing individual from Fatah’s al-Aqsa Saints Detachment and a member in the scandalous Ramallah lynch in 2000 did shooting strikes. This brought about the passings of seven Israelis. In 2000, Abu Hamid partook in the Ramallah Lynching and that brought about the passings of three Israelis. In 2002, he likewise coordinated and directed three fear based oppressor attacks. He was sentenced to life in jail for the lethal fear based oppressor goes after that he arranged and did after been captured various times on psychological warfare related offenses. Sometime thereafter, he was given a daily existence term in jail. He was a Ramallah lynch member who was under the Israeli care for quite a while spent away earlier today. The Palestinian Authority blames Israel for wrongdoing. The Israeli government was accused of “intentional clinical carelessness” by the Palestinian Commission for Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Issues. How did Nasser Abu Hamid die? Nasser Abu Hamid died from disease on Tuesday morning in an Israeli jail emergency clinic. Abu Hamid died while being treated at the Yitzhak Shamir Clinical Center, as per the Israel Jail Administration.


Israel was blamed for “conscious clinical inadequacy” by the Palestinian Commission for Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Undertakings. This charge was made after Any Palestinian might die from medical problems while detained or not long after being delivered.

As Abu Hamid’s wellbeing disintegrated as of late, basic liberties associations and Palestinian psychological oppressor developments required his delivery.

After Abu Hamid’s passing on Tuesday, the Fatah association pronounced an exhaustive strike across the Ramallah governorate. Palestinian prisoners demonstrated that they will likewise fight considering the passing.

Commission of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners said, “Palestinian prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid was martyred in Assaf Harofeh Emergency clinic because of clinical murder by purposeful carelessness took on by the jail administration”

Nasser Abu Hamid reason for death:  At 6 AM neighborhood time today, Abu Hamid’s relatives and the Dad’s Power reported that the senior Fatah pioneer had died in an Israeli jail.

Nasser Abu Hamid reason for death was malignant growth. Abu Hamid, who had been given seven life sentences for his part in the homicide of Israelis, died from malignant growth while being treated in an emergency clinic.

In any case, until Israel returns his body, his relatives said they would notice the traditions of grieving. A comparable solicitation has been made officially by Hussein al-Sheik, the Dad’s Clergyman of Common Issues and Abu Mazen’s picked replacement. The Dad asserts that Israel is at present turning down this solicitation. His passing was grieved by different Palestinian aggressor gatherings, who likewise coordinated strikes in Dad state funded schools and proclaimed a public day of grieving.

Web-based entertainment posts: Ibrahim Jabr tweeted, His mom used to say, “I want to embrace him before he died.” The Palestinian detainee, Nasser Abu Hamid, who had malignant growth, died today because of clinical carelessness in Israeli jails. Palestine Young lady tweeted, The suffering of the Palestinian detainee who had disease: Nasser Abu Hamid.. Since the Israeli occupation kept him from getting treatment, wouldn’t deliver him, and kept his family from visiting him. Goodbye, Nasser. Israeli violations are harsh #FreePalestine Heba Mohammed posted, From the dimness of jail to the radiance of paradise. Miserable morning in Palestine. Injured, then a detainee, and presently a saint. In the prisons and mistreatment of Israel, Abu Hamid was martyred toward the beginning of today because of clinical carelessness in the occupation detainment facilities.

saima kayani tweeted, May ALLAH show kindness toward saint Nasser. May ALLAH reward the decent family for their understanding and faithfulness. The unadulterated blood of our extraordinary saints won’t go to no end. Palestine will be free. Demise to Israel.

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