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Steph Curry was in a good mood on Dec. 10 since his team, the Golden State Warriors, defeated the Boston Celtics in a rematch of the 2021 NBA Finals. His son, Canon Curry, was also in a good mood because he saw one of his buddies. “Hello, Klay Thompson,” Canon, 4, said while walking hand-in-hand with Steph, 34, into the Warriors locker room. Canon had turned around and saw his dad’s teammate and greeted him in a cute way that elicited laughs from everyone around. “Hey, what’s up, man?” Klay, 32, said in response.

Earlier in the year, Canon showed off his basketball skills on his mother’s Instagram. “Canon Jack out here stuntin’ like his daddy,” Ayesha Curry captioned a video of her then-three-year-old son dribbling two basketballs at the same time. Canon – the younger brother of Ryan and Riley Curry – has become a fixture at his father’s games and, apparently, has become buddies with Klay Thompson.

Klay also had a reason to feel good the night Canon greeted him. He scored 34 points in that game against the Celtics, helping to give the Dubs a much-needed win. “We gutted it out,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said, per ESPN. “Steph and Klay obviously had it rolling, so we were making shots.” For Klay, it was a chance for redemption, because the team was coming off a 123-123 loss to the Utah Jazz the night before. “It’s always nice to respond with a great performance, and we did that tonight,” he said.

The Curry family (Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock)

Sadly, the good mood ended on Tuesday when the Milwaukee Bucks handed the Dubs their 14th loss of the season. The Warriors (14-14 so far into the season) have seemingly lost their mojo when on the road. They’re at 2-12 when playing away from their home this season. “Our defense has been bad on the road,” coach Kerr said after the 128-111 loss, per ESPN. “For whatever reason, the splits are dramatic. Our defense is good at home and bad on the road.”

As of Wednesday (Dec. 14), the defending NBA champs are in 10th place in the NBA Western Conference, with the Warriors trailing the Dallas Mavericks, Utah Jazz, and Sacramento Kings. The New Orleans Pelicans, Memphis Grizzlies, and Denver Nuggets currently lead the conference, with the Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, and surprisingly resurgent Cleveland Cavaliers leading the Eastern Conference.

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