Romeo Miller Accuses His Dad Master P of Stealing Money Throughout His Career Amid Feud on Social Media

Romeo Miller and his dad Master P are in a feud on social media and it seems to be over money.

It all started after Master P posted a tribute to the late Stephen “tWitch” Boss and wrote a message about mental illness.

“These are crazy times we are living in, you can be smiling one day and Gone the next! He was suppose to be a guest DJ on a concert we were having Jan. 13th. Life is Too Short, Appreciate your loved ones……………. #Mentalillness is Real,” Master P wrote after tWitch‘s death to suicide.

For those who don’t know, Master P‘s daughter Tytyana passed away at 25 back in May from accidental fentanyl intoxication.

Click inside to read what Romeo Miller posted next and the rest of the feud…

In a since-expired Instagram Story, Romeo wrote, “Today was a boiling point. I seen a man avoid his own children struggle with suicide and depression but post another man who passed today that he doesn’t even know. Yall idols be lost. Better stop following the blind. Watch when it’s revealed.”

Master P later went on his Instagram account to share a video message and caption in which he addressed the feud with his son Romeo.

“I’m at peace now, I know the Truth. This social media rant was never about my daughter. This is about some money. Houses, cars and jewelry are temporary, you can’t take any of it with you when you die. Life is too short. People gotta stop being ungrateful and place blame when they’re not where they want to be in life. I’m tired of people saying they love me only when I give them something. I’m not an ATM machine or a robot, I have feelings too. Thanks for all your prayers, we need it. I’m moving on, going back to work and hustle for the ones that appreciate me. @romeomiller,” he wrote. Watch the video below.

Romeo later took to his Instagram account to release a lengthy statement in which he accused his father of stealing money throughout his career.

The post has since been deleted, but you can read it below.

Romeo said, “I would just like to thank James and Taylor of Rap Snacks for seeking the truth and doing proper business. This year I will get my first Rap Snacks check and finally start receiving my earnings from my bags. I was told as a kid that we owned Rap Snacks, and that my payday would come after we put in work and sold the company, silly me! I promoted a company for free for 15+ years based on the word of my pops, without being allowed to see any contracts or even meet with the team, and I stayed loyal…but I’m entitled and ungrateful now? Only addressing this here because my father is trying to gaslight and break me instead of taking accountability of his mistakes/greed, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. My mental is very strong because I do the work, but no man or woman should live a lie to protect another. My stand isn’t about money, it’s about the perception of money. My father knows that I’ve made the most earnings over the past 10 yrs and played my part quietly as always so he could shine. In time the truth will prevail and I believe when my father truly leans on only God and not image and money, he will be the richest man in the world if that’s what his heart desires. None of yall love my father more than me, 1 know my sister’s passing was a warning , and just like Moses in the Bible, the man that leads the people out, isn’t always allowed to the promised land because of his own ego. Don’t have to be perfect, but I can’t follow someone who’s been blinded. Yall make fun of me because yall think I was raised a certain way, but I was built for this season of ridicule and misunderstanding. I’m willing to he judged and walk through the fire for my family, in hopes of a great leader waking up. I’ve reached out behind closed doors and got burnt repeatedly. 1-le’s an adult and has to do the honest work as well. Like I told him, I have to love from a distance until then. I have a family now too, and it’s critical I protect my peace. No more suffering in silence. The rise of the Phoenix.”

In response to comments on Instagram, Romeo claimed that his “Lil Romeo” money all went to pay off his dad’s IRS taxes.

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