Robyn Brown: Wait, Does My Relationship with Kody Suck, Too?!?

On the upcoming Sister Wives tell-all special, Robyn Brown sits down with host Sukanya Krishnan, shrugs and responds to the recent exodus of both Christine and Janelle from her polygamous family as follows:

“They handed [Kody] to me and said, ‘We don’t want to spend time with him’ basically.”

Both Christine and Janelle would push back hard against this thesis, of course.

They’d claim that Kody treated them like total crap for years and they had no choice but to finally walk away after realizing just how unhealthy their marriage had become.

Now, according to an In Touch Weekly insider, Robyn may be wondering whether she even wants the alleged gift of Kody that has been presented to her by his snubbed ex-spouses.

“Kody is happy with Robyn and that’s what he’s concentrating on, but who knows how long that will ultimately last?” the source tells this tabloid.

“Robyn seems to be happy with him.

“I know she’s fine with the wives exiting, but there’s no way that she’s not questioning her relationship with Kody.”

For years, this idea of Robyn as Kody’s favorite sister wife has been a topic of debate among fans — and also among the sister wives themselves.

Early on Season 17, Christine came right out and said it played a role in her decision to walk away.

“That’s just what it comes down to. I think he has a favorite wife and that’s why all of this is like it is,” she remarked on air.

“And apparently I’m not treating her well enough, so there’s nothing I can do. I mean, honestly, what he’s asking from me is ridiculous.”

Robyn joined the Brown family in 2010.

By then, Kody and his other wives had been together for 16 years.

The father of 18 subsequently divorced Meri and exchanged actual vows with Robyn so that he could legally adopt her kids from a previous relationship.

Kody’s romantic relationship with Meri ended shortly thereafter, and now he entire relationship with both Christine and Janelle is over as well.

Kody Brown does more of his trademark ranting on Sister Wives.

Now that both Christine and Janelle have split from Kody, the aforementioned insider points out that the “Brown household is like a house of cards, perpetually on the verge of crumbling.”

“In the last 18 months, I’ve realized that I’m pretty good,” Janelle said on the December 11 episode of Sister Wives, adding at the time:

“I’m independent, and I’m not going to stand here and be yelled at. I just don’t need it. I don’t deserve it and I don’t need it.”

Amen, right?!?

As for Kody?

He’s “not that shocked” that these two spouses have departed, In Touch previously claimed, because he thinks “their version of polygamy was dysfunctional.”

He is “embarrassed” by the break-ups, however.

Thankfully, though, Janelle and Christine are simply looking ahead, with the latter commenting on the former in a trailer for this Sunday’s tell-all special:

“For Janelle, I think that she’s frustrated and she’s so hurt. And that man that she was married to, she realizes that he’s totally different. But she’s different too.”

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