Paul Greene Reveals Why He Prefers Experiences Over Gifts For The Holidays

Paul Greene is opening up about some of his favorite holiday traditions, and most of them, don’t include any kind of wrapped gift.

The former When Calls The Heart actor, who starred in two holiday movies on CBS and Great American Family this year, chatted with about his favorite memories and revealed his reason for wanting less presents and more presence for the holidays.

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“Gift giving and receiving is not my jam. It kind of drives me nuts,..I get why it’s kind of fun and exciting, and I don’t mind getting them for people, but I don’t like receiving them really,” Paul shared with us.

Instead, Paul has a lot of more experiences with family on his wish list.

“The sort of the commercialism and the waste drives me nuts,” Paul admitted. “All the wasted plastic and paper and stuff, I just, it makes my toes curl thinking about our planet. [However] I’m a hypocrite though, like, because I like love waking up and that feeling of there being stuff under the tree…It’s impossible to have it both ways.”

He says that his family do “try to be super mellow with it. We don’t go crazy.”

“I’m an experience person, so we try to do things like trips and snowboarding trips and like, you know, fun things that, that are memorable,” Paul adds. “I find like actual presents to be a little bit wasteful at times and stressful. You try to get them the right something they like, and my older son hates opening presents in front of people.”

“It might be odd to some people,” Paul says, but personally, he has “so many great memories around it as a kid though, [and] they were all around experiences like snowing and building igloos. We had so much snow and then mom’s cooking and I barely remember single gift I got as a kid.”

Following the experiences, Paul is also a big holiday movie guy – just don’t expect him to be watching his own.

“You would think I would watch [them], but, especially because they’re all my friends, we don’t really do that,” he says.

That being said, the holiday movies at the top of his family’s watching list include Elf, and How The Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey.

“I can quote that thing sideways,” he joked.

You can watch Paul in Fit For Christmas on Paramount+, and check your local listings for I’m Glad It’s Christmas on Great American Family.

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