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Former First Lady Michelle Obama was one of the most stylish women to ever be in the White House, and even though it’s been six years since her husband, former President Barack Obama, left the Oval Office, she’s still showing off her awesome fashion sense. During a San Francisco stop on her, The Light We Carry book tour, Michelle, 58, rolled a dress into a top for a chic and comfortable look, which fans got to see on her Instagram on Monday, December 12.

Michelle fashioned a Marine Serre dress into a top, per E! News. The multi-colored piece had a red section across her torso, with an orange floral design hanging behind her for a great look. She wore the top over a black long-sleeve and some wide-legged jeans and a pair of red heels. She was filming a clip with journalist and author Michele Norris, who rocked a shiny, hot pink suit for the occasion. Both ladies agreed that they each looked “fabulous.” She later posted a few more shots from the pair’s on-stage discussion on her Instagram.

In the past few months, Michelle has shown off tons of amazing looks, and the dress-as-a-top is only the latest! Back in June, she went for a classic black outfit while enjoying a Broadway show with some gal pals in New York City. She also rocked a colorful, sheer, red dress, when her and her husband’s White House portraits debuted in September.

Michelle smiles at the crowd on her book tour. (Jose Luis Magana/AP/Shutterstock)

The former FLOTUS was promoting her new book The Light We Carry, which has provided many different insights into both her family life and political opinions. She touched on motherhood and parenting her daughters as they enter young adulthood and date in the memoir. Michelle revealed the outlook on dating that she’s tried to instill in Malia, 24, and Sasha, 21. “I don’t want them to see marriage as some sort of trophy that must be hunted and won, or to believe that a wedding is the sort of spectacle they need to properly launch a fulfilling life, or to ever feel that having children is any sort of requirement,” she wrote. “My hope instead is that they’ll experience different levels of commitment, figuring out how to end relationships that aren’t working and how to start new ones that seem promising.”

Besides the sweet motherly advice, Michelle also got into national issues and spoke about how upset she was to see former President Donald Trump’s supporters storm the Capitol during the January 6 insurrection. “Barack and I had watched in shock as it unfolded live on the news,” she wrote, noting that she was disturbed by Trump’s actions that day. “The events of that day rattled me to the core. I’d understood that our country was grappling with a toxic level of political discord, but seeing the rhetoric tip into reckless, rageful violence aimed at overturning an election was devastating.”

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