Michelle Obama Explains Why She Doesn’t Care If Her Daughters Consider Her A Friend: There’s So Much Of Parenting That Has Nothing To Do With Them Liking You

Michelle Obama, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama

Michelle Obama Explains Why She Doesn’t Care If Her Daughters Consider Her A Friend: There’s So Much Of Parenting That Has Nothing To Do w/ Them Liking You

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is giving the new generation a lesson on parenting.

During Revolt TV’s “The Cross-Generational Conversation,” hosted by Mrs. Michelle Obama, the mother of two got candid about the thin line between parenting and friendship.

Michelle, Sasha, Barack, Malia Obama

Answering the question of if she wants her daughters to consider her a friend, posed by R&B superstar Kelly Rowland, Mrs. Obama expressed why the matter doesn’t concern her at all. The best-selling author is mother to Malia, 24, and Sasha, 21, who she shares with husband/former President Barack Obama. Explaining her reasoning, Mrs. Obama stated:

“Once you decide you want your child to be your friend, now you’re worried about them liking you, and there’s so much of parenting that has nothing to do with them liking you,”

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She continued:

“So much of what you’re gonna have to teach them is counter to what they want. With a friend, you want them happy all the time. Your kids have to learn how to live in their unhappiness, they have to learn how to live with unfairness, and they have to learn it in their house. Their first bout of unfairness can’t be school or when they’re 30.”

Another famous special guest on the panel included Beyonce’s mama and Rowland’s long-time mother figure Mrs. Tina Knowles – Lawson. The former Destiny Child affiliates shared a story of Lawson making a difficult decision to let Rowland face something hard on her own. While reflecting on a time she made Rowland go to school despite the fact that she begged to stay home, the celebrity fashion designer stated:

“[Kelly] kept turning around looking at me and I’m like ‘I feel like such a creep’, I wanted to run up and walk her up to the door.” 

Kelly Rowland, Tina Knowles Lawson

Mrs. Obama quickly pointed out that holding Rowland’s hand through the intimidating moment is “something a friend would’ve done.” She continued, quoting a line from her newest book release “The Light We Carry”:

“When we stop our kids from feeling fear, we stop them from feeling competent to.”

Obama Family

She added:

“And competence is critical in your child. Teaching them that they are independent,”

You can watch the full conversation with Mrs. Obama and her guests below.

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