Lionel Messi Snubs Salt Bae After World Cup

So, by now, you’ve seen that Argentina defeated France to win the 2022 World Cup.

The star of Argentina is Lionel Messi, who’s, like, a soccer legend.

After the game, he obviously is celebrating, taking pics and whatnot, when he was approached by Salt Bae, the guy who went viral for sexually putting salt on steak in 2017:

Yup. For some reason, he was at the World Cup, and he was spotted trying to take pics and basically get clout from the players:

A collection of Salt Bae trying for clout with these players. So painful to watch. Like forcing himself between 2 players and trying to take the trophy away while players try to maintain professionalism, but their faces can be clearly read they are annoyed

01:30 PM – 19 Dec 2022

Twitter: @JCUStreaks10

Like, why was he posing with the trophy????

In a now-viral video, Salt Bae clearly wants to take pics and celebrate with Messi, who was having absolutely no part of it.

Twitter: @zekedabolina

What do y’all make of this? Let me know in the comments below!

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