John Mayer Explains Why He Doesn’t ‘Really Date’ Anymore, Addresses ‘Womanizer’ Reputation

John Mayer is opening up about his love life.

The 45-year-old musician recently sat down with Alex Cooper for an interview on her podcast Call Her Daddy where he explained why he dropped out of the dating game and also addressed his “womanizer” reputation.

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“Dating is no longer a codified activity for me, it doesn’t exist in a kind of… it’s not patterned anymore,” John started.

He then went on to explain how his sobriety has affected his love life.

“I don’t really date — I don’t think that I have to, to be quite honest,” John explained. “I quit drinking like six years ago, so I don’t have the liquid courage. I just have dry courage.”

John decided to get sober back in 2016 after he drank so much at Drake‘s 30th birthday party that he suffered a serious hangover for six days.

Later in the interview, John – who has dated some very famous women over the years – addressed his reputation for being a “womanizer.”

“I think, look, the elephant in the room is that I’m on a show that caters to women, and I have a couple of name plates on me, like ‘Lothario’ and ‘womanizer,’ and I think that is what that is,” John said.

“But I think people would be surprised to know that it was less me going like, you know the meme of the guy behind the tree?” John continued. “It was less this [Mayer rubs his hands together] and more like this [Mayer looks around]: Me? Because it was always set forth to me that like, that shouldn’t happen.”

Growing up, John said that he was “made to believe” that if somebody liked him or showed interest in him, the attention was just an “accident,” so he decided he should “capitalize” on the opportunity.

“And so I felt very deeply when somebody liked me,” John said. “Very deeply.”

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