How Henry Cavill’s Superman Exit Impacts The Witcher’s Future

Henry Cavill is not trading in his cape for some additional armor.

Despite the Dec. 14 revelation that Cavill will no longer play Superman, the actor will not be returning to play Geralt on Netflix’s The Witcher—the show he stepped down from after filming season three.

Liam Hemsworth was announced as Cavill’s replacement for the upcoming fourth season and, according to Deadline, those plans are still in place. The outlet says Cavill’s exit was “amicable and Cavill’s choice.”

Still, that hasn’t stopped some fans of the Netflix fantasy drama from petitioning for Cavill to be re-hired, with one fan tweeting, “Is it too late for Henry to return to The Witcher,” and another joking, “Liam Hemsworth currently tryna get cameras rolling on The Witcher S4 like it’s a hurry-up offense and the previous play is under review.”

While some viewers are dismayed, Hemsworth has the backing of a very important figure: Netflix’s head of U.S. and Canada scripted series Peter Friedlander.

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