How are influencers impacting the narrative around style, individualism and beauty?

They say social media is a boon and a bane. But social media influencers have definitely turned this into a thriving opportunity. Agree or not, influencers and content creators have managed to take over the Internet with their unique and out-of-the-box ideas with a touch of reality. And when it comes to beauty and fashion creators, oh boy, they have earned a massive fan base with engaging acts.

Social media comes with a global reach and content creators have found fans all over the world, thus they are influencing international trends, upgrading every one of beauty crazes and the latest in style.

Let’s dive deep into how these creators are changing the narrative on fashion, beauty and all things style

Recommendations and influence / Being realistic

Don’t we all love to style like our favourite celebrity? Earlier, it was the B-town celebs who had a huge influence on the common man in terms of fashion and style. But today, the changed times have forced celebrities to learn a thing or two from influencers. 

With millions of followers, these verified influencers are using apps like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Meta and others to reach and connect with their target audience. The short-format videos on such apps do leave a long-lasting impact on people. They love watching their favourite creators’ recommendations as they find it all things relatable, realistic and fun! Their individualism and uniqueness speak for themselves. 

Unlike celebs, the creators haven’t set unrealistic beauty standards which is one of the core reasons for their impact on everyone. As a result, people have started accepting and loving themselves just the way they are. This beautifully promotes body positivity in a very organic manner. 

Easy accessibility / Fashion on your fingertips

Fashion and beauty influencers have enamoured netizens with their deconstruction of content. Beauty tips are available at your fingertips and Fashion fixes are just a #tag away!

Social media platforms have made it easy-peasy for everyone to become an ace in style, beauty and fashion. Influencers are creating a personal bond with their followers through content. Suggesting the products, brands and even tricks of the trade. Even regular posting and live sessions play an important role in the engagement. While influencers often get paid for postings, their eventual prizes are the likes and hearts of the followers.

Yay or Nay?

We often see creators storming the Internet with trendy stuff. Since they are always the center of attraction, thanks to their followers, influencers are expected to always have an ace up their sleeve about the latest trends. From ‘How to drape a saree in five different ways’ to ‘Easy hacks to get that perfect winged eyeliner’ and ‘Slay date nights in style’… content creators have to constantly feed the audience with fresh content and they surely know the pulse of their followers. So it is definitely a YAY for social media influencers, who are our divas of the day, guiding us through the tricky lanes of style.

Amidst the growing popularity of creators, Pinkvilla and Mad Influence recently announced India’s first and biggest experiential festival ‘Creators United’ for content creators in India. The first edition of the two-day event will be held in Goa in January 2023, and it will bring together the country’s best content creators and influencers from different walks of life under one roof.


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