Hey Dude’s Christine Taylor and David Lascher Secretly Dated

So what made them spill the beans after more than 30 years? It was surprisingly David’s wife Jill London who encouraged the two to talk about their teenage fling.

“We talked about this last night,” Christine explained. “Jill was like, ‘You should talk about this, you should talk about the fact that you dated while you were shooting the show,’ which we’ve never talked about before.”

Her ex admitted, “I was nervous to even ask you if you wanted to talk about it, but we are both happily married and we are adults.”

David tied the knot with Jill—with whom he shares two kids—in 1999, while Christine has been married to Ben Stiller since 2020 and share daughter Ella, 20, and son Quinn, 17.

Hey Dude… The 90’s Called!, which will look back on the decade’s biggest trends and pop culture moments, premieres its first full episode on iHeartRadio Jan. 9. 

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