Harrison Ford Tried On 75 Possible Hats For Jacob Dutton For ’1923′

Harrison Ford went through quite a process to become Jacob Dutton on 1923.

In a new interview with Deadline, series creator Taylor Sheridan opened up about how he cast the 80-year-old actor as the Dutton patriarch.

“He flew down [to Texas],” Taylor revealed. “I said, we’re going to do this thing together. He goes, can I read a script? I said, you can when it’s written, but it ain’t written yet and you got to commit to it now. I need to know who I’m writing for.”

He added that he’s “done wondering who I’m writing for, and I have to go try to chase the person I had in my mind and I can’t get the person because they’re doing some f***ing Netflix show. I don’t do that sh** anymore.”

Taylor recalled telling Harrison that if he doesn’t take the role Chris Cooper might have been his next choice for Jacob.

“I poured about two bottles of wine down him. He said yes,” he shared. “I got him on the plane as fast as I could, closed the deal and said, send me the next one. Then came Helen, and same thing. Have a glass of wine.”

With that closed deal, Harrison was officially Jacob – but next was finding the perfect hat.

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In a separate interview with costumer Janie Bryant, she revealed that they went through about 75 prototypes to find Harrison the perfect headwear.

“It’s all about his hat,” she told Variety. “We made so many for him. All the different colors — trying the different creases, the different brims, the different crown heights.”

Janie added that there were about 75 variations of the hat before settling with the pale tan-colored hat that Harrison is seen wearing in the show. It’s now titled “The Jacob”.

She says that the hat is as important as the character wearing it, and Taylor had to find the right one for Jacob Dutton.

“Taylor is also very specific about the kind of hat that he likes, too. There was a lot of collaboration with Taylor, with Harrison, and myself, to create what I call the ‘Jacob.’”

1923 airs Sundays on Paramount+.

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