Dax Shepard Praises “Genius” Kristen Bell for Grinch Christmas Tree

Kristen Bell‘s Christmas tree is a Whoville-worthy masterpiece.

After teasing his wife’s epic Grinch-inspired Christmas tree on a recent episode of his Armchair Expert podcast, Dax Shepard gave fans a look at the holiday décor. And while, yes, the Grinch may have stolen Christmas, it’s safe to say Kristen stole the show with this tree.

“You may have heard on the Fact Check about the Christmas tree that scared the s–t out of me,” Dax explained in a video shared to his Instagram Dec. 12. “I thought it had destroyed Newtonian physics as I knew it.”

The Parenthood alum then panned the camera to show Kristen’s creation in all its glory. The tree features colorful lights, a sign that says “Who-Ville” and a life-size statue of the Grinch’s body peering into the tree as his hand pokes out through the other side.

“That’s the Grinch,” Dax continued. “Look, his hand’s even popping out.”

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