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One wedding and a baby! The Emily In Paris season 3 finale was a total whirlwind from start to finish. Everything finally combusts when Camille and Gabriel are moments away from getting married.

After Gabriel learns from Emily that his restaurant is likely going to get a Michelin star, he runs to Camille and says they should just get married now. As Camille says her vows, she tells Gabriel that they “don’t have to do this.”

Emily In Paris
Gabriel and Camille in season 3. (Netflix)

Camille confesses, “The only reason we’re together is because I knew you were in love with Emily.” Camille reveals to the entire chapel, including Emily and Alfie, that she and Emily made a pact that neither of them would ever date Gabriel. “So you wouldn’t see her again,” Camille adds.

Camille admits that she broke the pact because she thought she wanted Gabriel. She says that Gabriel and Emily have “been in love with each other” from the moment they met. “I can see it in your eyes,” Camille tells Gabriel. She runs out of the chapel, and Alfie soon follows. He lets Emily go and tells her to go get her man.

Gabriel is left standing at the altar alone. Later, Gabriel and Emily sit down to talk. He addresses her pact with Camille, and she admits that she thought she was doing the right thing. Emily confesses that her feelings for Gabriel have “always been there.” Gabriel replies, “It’s been hard for me, too.”

Emily In Paris
Emily and Alfie in season 3. (Netflix)

Gabriel then reveals that there’s something he has to tell Emily. Camille didn’t come back from Greece (after her rendezvous with Sofia) to revive her relationship with Gabriel. Emily thinks that Gabriel is about to reveal that he knows about Sofia and Camille’s tryst, but that’s not Camille’s secret. Gabriel says that Camille is pregnant. Emily is left blindsided by the news.

Things just got way more complicated… for everyone. Thank goodness Emily In Paris season 4 is on the way!

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