Assam’s Congress Leader Raju Prasad Sarma Found Dead At Cremation Ground Office

There is shocking and fully saddest news coming out related to the death or can be said suicide of Assam’s senior Congress leader Raju Prasad Sarma. An officer of the police states that he was discovered hanging at the office of cremation ground here on Tuesday and left a note which defines that nobody is responsible for his death. This news is spreading like fire on social media and various users of social media raised too many questions related to his death, So here in this article, we are going to share some information about his death and also talk about the cause of his death.

Assam's Congress Leader Raju Prasad Sarma Found Dead At Cremation Ground Office

Congress Leader Raju Prasad Sarma Found Dead

As per the reports, He was founded dead while hanging at the office of the cremation ground on Tuesday and he left a note in which he claims that no one is responsible for his death. The officers said that from the primary investigation it is probable that he died by suicide but the investigation is continuing and they still collecting some evidence and proof until the end of this investigation. We will update our article after getting any information to related to this incident and mentioning t in our article.

He was 65 years old and his martial states state that he was still unmarried. His party sources claim that he was a deeply religious person and from the sources that he mostly went to cremations ground to mediate there.

After his post-mortem, his body was sent to the party headquarters where the senior leaders, including the state president Bhupen Bora and the other member of the party, give tribute to him. According to his wish, Later giving tributes by the Congress leader’s body will be handed over to the authorities of Gauhati Medical and Hospital for respecting his wish. He was servicing the party in too many capacities for more than 40 years and was also associated with and joined several social organizations.

The investigation is ongoing and the investigators still collecting some more clues to confirm the cause of his death because in only primary way police clear that it is suicide and police will state a confirmation statement after finishing the investigation. There are too many people giving tributes to him and sharing their love for him through the way of social media. For reading more articles related to the latest news and other topics of the daily world then stay connected with our website.

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